Connection Details Used for Hollow Structural Steel Section Column
کد مقاله : 4110-IRAST (R1)
حسن عراقی *1، فریبرز ناطقی الهی2
1Instructor, university of applied sciences & technology
2پژوهشگاه زلزله شناسی و مهندسی زلزله
چکیده مقاله:
Application of hollow structural sections is more than ever developing nowadays because of its structural advantages as well as its architectural advantages. Excellence of geometrical properties and structural behavior of hollow sections are approved in previous studies. Hence, special arrangements of the connections used for hollow sections and its design criteria are becoming more important than before among scientists and engineers. In this paper, authors have prepare a database for the special connections in hollow steel sections according to the AISC and AIJ codes and other recommendations namely, CIDECT design guides. Also, notably relevant arrangements and approved design relations are compiled and compared. This paper will provide the user by construction and also required formulas for the detailing connections. Full strength rigid connections and simple (pinned) connections for hollow structural sections (rectangular and circular shapes) used for both low risk and high risk seismic zone are introduced in this paper.
کلیدواژه ها:
Hollow Structural Section ,HSS, Steel Structure, Connection
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